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I was going through some rather nostalgic moments today, focusing mostly on my childhood memories and the time I have spent with my grandparents. It is my grandfather, to whom I owe most of what has become of me. Among other things, he has taught me to love books. I often like to remind myself of one of his sayings:

All the knowledge of the world is hidden within books.

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we are not all equal

I was just walking outside today, wondering about stuff as usual, when an interesting idea came to my mind. Or perhaps it was an interesting memory I remembered.

I was thinking about my early years in school, long time ago. I was thinking about how I was taught Mathematics and what could have gone better. And I remembered one thing: We were all considered to be equal. Now, I realize I risk sounding too condescending, but that’s one thing I strongly disagree with.

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What I would like to share with you today is my impression of how Mathematics is built and how it works internally. I believe this is an important thing to know about, because, over the course of my early studies, I have met with far too many people who have expressed their interest in Mathematics at first, but literally ran away later on. Why? Well, because they were terribly unaware of how it works at all! We all know that kind of people – their favorite line is “There are no numbers and too many letters, this is no math!”.

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Over the course of the last semester I have embarked on personally tutoring Mathematics. Both to get a good feeling about myself improving general mathematical literacy and to earn a little money to support my student’s life. I set up a separate e-mail account, posted some free online advertisements and there I went.

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Set Theory is one of the fundamental theories ever created. But what actually IS a set?

Nowadays, having an idea about set theory is an absolute must for everyone who is considering looking into higher level Mathematics. This is mostly because of how the modern Mathematics is built – it is no longer about putting random thoughts together and formulating observations based on our intuition. Rather, it is formalized, in the strict sense of the word.

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Bubbles are indeed an interesting thing to look at. I remember that in my early years, when I was yet a little kid, I loved playing with bubble blowers and just watching them dance around in the air, play their beautiful symphony of colours and then disappear, escorted with a quiet popping sound and sometimes leaving a small wet spot behind.

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